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Corpus Christi (Sun) 6/2/24

The event of the EXODUS is God’s dramatic rescue of the People of Israel from slavery to Pharaoh. Connected with this event was a meal. Included with the meal are instructions God gives through Moses. The Israelites are told to celebrate PASSOVER every year without end so never to forget God’s saving action.

For Jews, this meal – the PASSOVER – does not merely recall what God has done, it makes God saving action present. Whenever the Passover is celebrated, they understand it as the experience of being freed.

The EXODUS event and PASSOVER meal foreshadow God’s ultimate rescue operation.

  • The CROSS OF CHRIST frees us not from Egyptian despots, but from Satan.
  • The CROSS OF CHRIST frees us not from physical oppression, but from the captivity of sin and death.
  • The CROSS OF CHRIST frees us not from the heat of the North African desert, but from the fire of hell.

The CROSS OF CHRIST also has associated with it a very special meal – the EUCHARIST – however the instructions now are given by God Himself.

Every time we celebrate EUCHARIST we mystically are in the Upper Room, at the Cross and in Heaven.

And our right and just response is heartfelt thanks to God.

Eucharist means “Thanksgiving.”  We give thanks to God during every Eucharist so that our very lives become a visible expression of such thanks that God always and everywhere deserves.



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