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Chrism Mass Today at Rosary Cathedral

This week, and during Holy Week every year, the Chrism Mass is celebrated in cathedrals in dioceses all over the world. The Chrism Mass beautifully displays the unity of the bishop to the priests of the diocese and powerfully demonstrates the entire local church as belonging to Christ Jesus, the Head of the Church.

Although traditionally celebrated on Holy Thursday morning, in our 19-county diocese the celebration of Chrism Mass occurs today, Holy Tuesday, as an accommodation to those priests required to travel far distances.

During the liturgy, all the priests renew their vows to priestly life and ministry. The faithful then pledge to pray for the priests and bishop.

Three oils used in various Sacramental rituals are presented, blessed and consecrated. Immediately afterwards, representatives from all the parishes throughout our 19-county diocese return to their respective parishes bringing with them these three holy oils: Oil of the Sick, Oil of the Catechumenate, Oil of the Sacred Chrism.

Please whisper a prayer for your priests that we will remain faithful to our promises, generous in our service and joyful in our living as imitators of Christ Jesus, the High Priest.

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