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Remain in Me (Sun) 4/28

In today’s Gospel, no less than eight times Jesus says, “Remain in me” (John 15:1-8).

The original biblical word – meno – is an especially beautiful word that means far more than “stay put” and “don’t move.” Jesus exhorts us to live fully and reveals how we can do this: that is, by abiding in  Christ, residing in Christ and living from Him.

To live in God is to live in love.

A fully living branch follows when it “remains” connected to the vine. Jesus, the vine, pours supernatural life – grace – into the branches, enabling us to live fully and eternally.

Intentional disciples – lively followers – flourish because they dare to live in Christ; they choose to belong to Him.

Intentional communities of disciples – lively parishes – flourish by committing to helping each other grow stronger and happier in genuine love of God and sharing their love with all whom they encounter.

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