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Mark’s Gospel sets before us faithful women who together make their way to Jesus’ the tomb (Mark 16:1-7). Along their way, they wonder: “Who will roll back the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?” (v. 3).  Their unease is understandable on account of the sheer size of the stone. And, yet, the enormous challenge does not slow them from their holy desire: they are too much taken up with the desire of going to Jesus!

No sooner do they arrive than they discover the stone had been rolled back. Entering the tomb, an angel greets them with astonishing news: “He has been raised; he is not here” (v. 6).

Similarly, we desire to find Jesus and serious preoccupations threaten us from finding Him.  Obstacles – some very large – precariously loom over us and we anxiously wonder how they ever will be removed so that we can give ourselves entirely to our blessed Lord and let Him triumph in us.

The faithful women teach us to trust always in divine providence.

The search for God is progressive. It must be maintained throughout our life.

Following the example of the holy women, let our preoccupation not be upon the difficulties pressing upon us, but rather to find God in everything.

God always makes possible what mortal strength and resolve never can accomplish. Intentional disciples know God delightfully provides what we cannot do for ourselves.

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